Apply to the tourism business online-presence training program

The Go Digital Yukon program helps the Yukon’s tourism industry develop and grow its online presence.

This program gives practical guidance to expand your knowledge of the digital space.

This program will introduce you to:

  • search engine optimization;
  • website usability;
  • digital content;
  • email marketing;
  • social media; and
  • analytics.

You'll receive:

  • a digital media toolkit with templates and tools to develop and implement your digital marketing plan and tactics;
  • interactive and pre-recorded workshops led by digital marketing experts; and
  • one-on-one coaching with a digital expert who'll give guidance, answer questions and provide custom solutions.


Applicants must be based in the Yukon and want to promote their tourism product or experience.

Applicants can be:

  • visitor experience providers;
  • transportation providers;
  • accommodation providers;
  • visitor attractions;
  • restaurants and bars owners;
  • destination marketing organizations (DMOs);
  • municipalities;
  • non-government organizations; and
  • First Nations governments.

Apply to the program

To apply for Go Digital Yukon in the 2023-24 fiscal year, click on the link below:


Application deadline

The program will accept 100 applicants on a first-come first-serve basis.

The application period will open at 9 am on May 1, 2023.

If you have questions, email [email protected].