Promote your tourism experience, service or destination

  • List your business or experience on
  • Use our Tourism Media Library
  • Find training and funding
  • ​Reach visitors through our visitor information centres
  • Subscribe to our industry newsletter
  • Learn about travel markets and how we promote Yukon

Help visitors find you and learn more about the experiences and services you offer.

  1. List your business or experience on

    If you offer a tourism experience, list your business or organization on Travel Yukon. Listings are free. A listing will help you reach some of the 300,000 people who visit the site each year to:

    • find vacation inspiration; and
    • to book a Yukon trip.

    Follow the Travel Yukon instructions to get a business listing. Create a great listing by:

    • following eligibility criteria; and
    • using our tutorials.


  2. Use our Tourism Media Library

    You can use images and videos from our Tourism Media Library to promote your business to potential travellers. These materials are rights-free and showcase Yukon as a travel destination.

    Library materials are for non-commercial use only.

    Create an account

    1. Read and accept the terms and conditions.
    2. Once you accept, you will be prompted to create an account. Fill in your information and press "Create".
    3. Search the library.

    Log in to your account

    After you register for an account, you can use the database at any time:

    • Log in to the media library.
    • Forgot your username or password? Use the "Reset Password" link on the log-in page.

    Use media library materials

    • Search by keyword or browse by category.
    • Download the file you need or share a link to your selection via email.
    • Credit “Government of Yukon” when you use an image and, if applicable, the name of the photographer.

    The Photography Unit can provide you with subject-specific images to meet your needs. Email or phone 867-667-5394 or 867-334-1205 for more information.

    Find help

    If you need help using the library, read the Cumulus help files. There is also a link to the help files on the log-in page. If you're already logged in:

    1. click on the arrow beside your Login Name at the top right of your screen; and
    2. select “Help”.

    For questions about the media library, email or phone 867-667-5394 or 867-334-1205.

  3. Find training and funding

    We offer training that can help you to grow and promote your business.

    Learn how to become market and trade-ready

    Access the Business, Market and Trade Ready learning program to get your business market or trade-ready.

    Get funding to promote your business

    If you're ready to promote your business, apply to the Tourism Cooperative Marketing Fund (TCMF) for funding support.

    For advice on what other funding may be available for your tourism business, email or phone 867-667-3053.

  4. ​Reach visitors through our visitor information centres

    Drop off your brochures and rack cards at 1 of our 6 Visitor Information Centres (VICs). We're open year-round in Whitehorse, and seasonally in Dawson City, Beaver Creek, Haines Junction, Carcross and Watson Lake.

    Be sure to tell information centre staff:

    • what you offer visitors;
    • the times (and time of year) your business is open;
    • your location; and
    • who the main contact is if visitors are looking for more information.

    Each year more than 400,000 travellers visit our VICs for travel advice and information on things to do. To learn more, contact our Visitor Services manager. Email, or phone 867-336-7771 or toll free in Yukon 1-800-661-0408 ext. 5390.

  5. Subscribe to our industry newsletter

    Subscribe to our industry newsletter for information on:

    • upcoming training opportunities;
    • industry advisories;
    • visitor statistics and data;
    • updates on Tourism Branch activities and more.


  6. Learn about travel markets and how we promote Yukon

    Where do we Market?

    Contact our Marketing Unit to learn about our marketing programming in:

    • Canada and the United States;
    • Europe and the United Kingdom; and
    • Asia-Pacific.

    Read our 2023-24 Tourism Yukon Market Updates to learn more about our markets and the traveling trends.

    Read our 2023-24 Marketing Plan for information on how we will be implementing Yukon Tourism Development Strategy Action 4.1: Market the Yukon as a year-round tourism destination.

    For questions about how you can be involved in our marketing activities, email or phone 867-667-3532.