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  • What is the Building UP program?

  1. What is the Building UP program?

    The Building UP program funds organizations that:

    • support people to get job skills or find work;
    • provide support to employers;
    • connect employers to people looking for jobs; and
    • co-ordinate community and sector training funds.


    Any organization will be considered for this funding program except:

    • federal, provincial or territorial governments; or
    • Crown corporations.

    First Nations governments

    First Nations governments are eligible. They may also request funding for labour market initiatives on a government-to-government basis.

    Labour market funding priorities

    • Strengthen strategic partnerships with Yukon First Nations.
    • Strengthen the labour market in communities outside of Whitehorse.
    • Increase the labour market involvement of under-represented groups, including:
      • Yukon First Nation citizens;
      • youth under the age of 30;
      • workers over the age of 50;
      • newcomers to Canada;
      • people with disabilities; and
      • women in trades and technology.
    • Improve community consultation with the Labour Market Framework process and successors.
    • Increase the use of regional, national and international labour market information.

    What can be funded through the Building UP program?

    Organizations can get funding to carry out activities that strengthen the labour market.

    Services and supports for individuals

    • Case management and referrals to other supports
    • Skills development
    • Job search assistance
    • Employment support services

    Services and supports for employers

    • Building employers’ labour market capacity

    Projects that connect employers to jobseekers

    • Research and distribute labour market information
    • Labour market projects and programs such as:
      • developing industry or sector-specific strategies;
      • developing and delivering employer networking events.
    • Evaluating existing offerings and processes

    Coordinate community or sector labour market funding

    Manage and redistribute funds to provide training services or supports to:

    • individuals;
    • employers; or
    • other organizations.

    What costs may be funded?

    The fair market value of project costs, such as:

    • project delivery for staffing and participants;
    • operating and overhead; and
    • administrative.

    What we look for in an application

    All projects we fund require financial and activity reporting. We will also need strong measures of success and can help you identify them.

    How to apply

    1. Contact us. We'll help you develop your application.
    2. After we've come up with a plan together, complete your application.
    3. Submit your application.
      In person: by appointment
      Email: [email protected]
      Phone: 867-667-5906
      Toll free: 1-800-661-0408 extension 5906