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File: cancellation of registration of an extra-territorial corporation

  1. Cancelling registration for an extra-territorial corporation
  2. How to prepare your documents
  3. After we receive your documents

  1. Cancelling registration for an extra-territorial corporation

    The registrar may cancel the registration of an extra-territorial corporation. You can find more details under section 283 of the Business Corporations Act. Extra-territorial corporations are responsible for reviewing the Act and sections that apply. They must follow the proper procedure for cancellation.

  2. How to prepare your documents

    There is no prescribed form for this filing. The extra-territorial corporation has to submit a notice.

    Prepare a notice for submission containing all the following required information. Also make sure the information you provide is legible.

    What to include in your submission

    • The corporation’s full legal name. The name must match the name on file. If the corporation has a French name, include it.
    • The corporation’s intention to withdraw its registration.
    • A signature from an officer, director or authorized agent.
    • The date the submission was signed. The date must be before we receive the document.


  3. After we receive your documents

    Processing time

    After we've accepted and filed all your documents, you'll receive a certificate of cancellation of the extra-territorial corporation. The registration is cancelled as of the date shown on the certificate. The process can take up to 10 business days.

    There's no charge for filing a cancellation of registration of an extra-territorial corporation.

    COVID-19 office operations

    Until further notice, because of the COVID-19 safety measures, our office is closed to the public.

    Deliver your documents to us

    You can drop off forms in our secure drop box at 307 Black Street, 1st floor. It's in the entrance of our building between the outside and inside doors. You'll also find copies of the most used forms next to the drop box.

    Legal advice

    Staff at Corporate Affairs cannot provide any interpretation of legislation or operational advice of any sort regarding:

    • business corporations;
    • sole proprietorships;
    • partnerships;
    • cooperative associations; or
    • societies.

    If you need advice, talk with a professional such as a lawyer or an accountant.

    Our staff cannot provide legal advice or services. For legal matters, contact a lawyer or phone the Yukon Law Line at 867-668-5297, toll free 1-866-667-4305.

    Business identifier numbers and taxes

    For information about business identifier numbers, taxes and charitable status, visit the Canada Revenue Agency.

    Business licences

    For information about business licences, phone the City of Whitehorse at 867-668-8346 or email


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