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File: change of directors or address – extra-territorial corporation

  1. File: change a director's address for an extra-territorial corporation
  2. How to prepare your documents
  3. After we receive your documents

  1. File: change a director's address for an extra-territorial corporation

    When an extra-territorial corporation makes a change to a director’s address, it:

    • has 15 days to notify the registrar; and
    • must send notice of the changes to the registrar using the proper form.

  2. How to prepare your documents

    Download and fill out Form 33 ‒ Notice of changed of directors and directors’ addresses for an extra-territorial corporation.

    How to fill out the form

    The information you provide must be legible.

    Section 1: Name of extra-territorial corporation

    The name must match the name as registered.

    Section 2: Yukon registry number

    Include the Yukon registry number.

    Section 3: Outgoing directors

    Include the:

    • 1st and last names of directors who left; and
    • date they were no longer directors for the corporation.

    Section 4: Incoming directors

    Include the:

    • 1st and last names of new directors for the extra-territorial corporation; and
    • date the directors started their position in the corporation.

    "Delivery address” refers to a physical location. Include an address or other description to identify a person’s home or place of business. This does not include a post office box.

    “Mailing address” refers to where you send mail. Include a complete mailing address. Include a postal code or equivalent. This address can be to a person’s home, place of business or post office box.

    Section 5: Directors address changes

    Include the:

    • 1st and last names of new directors for the extra-territorial corporation; and
    • date the directors will start their position in the governing body.

    Section 6: List directors and addresses

    Include the first and last names of all the current directors as of the date of signature, as well as their delivery and mailing addresses.

    The Yukon registry number must be included if director is a corporation or an extra-territorial corporation.

    If there is not enough room on the form to list all the directors, you can file an attachment with the form as long as it has the same information as requested on the form.

    If there are no directors Form 10 ‒ Notice of change of shareholders and addresses must be filed.

    Section 7: Name of individual signing

    Include the first and last name of the individual signing the form.

    Section 8: Title of the individual signing

    Include the title of the individual signing. This will be a director, officer or authorized agent.

    Section 9: Signature

    Sign the form.

    Section 10: Date of signature

    Date the form.


    There's no fee for changing the address of a director of an extra-territorial corporation.

    COVID-19 office operations

    Until further notice, because of the COVID-19 safety measures, our office is closed to the public.

    Deliver your documents to us

    You can drop off forms in our secure drop box at 307 Black Street, 1st floor. It's in the entrance of our building between the outside and inside doors. You'll also find copies of the most used forms next to the drop box.

  3. After we receive your documents

    Processing time

    After we've accepted and filed all your documents, you'll receive a confirmation. The process can take up to 10 business days.

    Legal advice

    Staff at Corporate Affairs cannot provide any interpretation of legislation or operational advice of any sort regarding:

    • business corporations;
    • sole proprietorships;
    • partnerships;
    • cooperative associations; or
    • societies.

    If you need advice, talk with a professional such as a lawyer or an accountant.

    Our staff cannot provide legal advice or services. For legal matters, contact a lawyer or phone the Yukon Law Line 867-668-5297, toll free 1-866-667-4305.

    Business identifier numbers and taxes

    For information regarding business identifier numbers, taxes and charitable status, visit the Canada Revenue Agency.

    Business licences

    For information regarding business licences, phone the City of Whitehorse at 867-668-8346 or email


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