Request a certificate of standing for licensed professionals

Regulated professionals, who've worked in the Yukon may request a certificate of standing.

In other jurisdictions, a certificate of standing may also be called:

  • a verification of registration; or
  • a letter of good standing.

Certificate of standing 

Requesting a certificate of standing provides your consent to disclose your personal licensing information to a specified organization. Personal licensing information can include but is not limited to:

  • qualifications;
  • registration;
  • investigations;
  • complaints;
  • disciplinary outcomes; and
  • other information considered relevant by the registrar.


You can request a certificate of standing if you’ve been licensed in the Yukon in one of the following professions:

  • licensed practical nurse
  • registered psychiatric nurse
  • physiotherapist
  • chiropractor
  • optometrist
  • midwife
  • pharmacist
  • dentist
  • dental hygienist
  • dental therapist
  • denturist
  • real estate professional


The Yukon Medical Council regulates physicians. Visit their webpage to request a certificate of standing. 

How to request a certificate 

If you currently hold a licence in the Yukon

  • Login to the online licensing portal.
  • Select “Request a licence change”.
  • Choose “Request a certificate of standing”.

If you do not currently hold a licence in the Yukon, but did previously

  • Email your written request to
  • Include your full name and previous Yukon licence number.
  • We'll contact you directly to guide you through the process.


There may be a fee associated with your request for a certificate of standing. 

If you request your certificate through the online portal you'll see the fee related to your profession.

If you request your certificate by email staff will confirm the fee with you.


  1. When you submit your request online, you must pay the fee.
    • You must pay this fee before we'll review and approve your request. 
    • The online system will prompt you to pay this by credit card. 
  2. When you submit your request by email you'll be contacted by staff for payment before we release your certificate.



For questions about certificates of standing, email, or phone 867-667-5111, toll free in Yukon 1-800-661-0405, extension 5111.