Renew a professional corporation permit

All corporations providing dental, physiotherapy, psychiatric nursing or pharmacy services in the Yukon must:

  • register;
  • hold a Yukon permit and
  • renew their permit every year.

Listed below is information on:

  • eligibility;
  • the documentation you will need to provide to renew; and
  • fees.

We recommend you review this information before you apply to renew you permit.

Renew using the online portal

Renewal period

The renewal period begins February 1. Apply for your renewal by March 1. This ensures we can process your permit before it expires March 31.

It's illegal to work in the new permit year through your corporation before we've renewed your permit.

Permit reinstatements

If you have not renewed your permit by March 31 contact our office for more information.

Processing time

We typically review applications within 30 business days. We'll confirm you've met all the legal requirements before we issue your permit.

We cannot process your application if you have not provided us with all the documentation we need.

A professional corporation permit allows you to:

  • advertise or provide dental, physiotherapy, psychiatric nursing or pharmacy services through a corporation; and
  • work to the full extent of Yukon regulations.


You're eligible to renew a professional corporation permit if:

  • you hold a current Yukon licence as a physiotherapist, pharmacist, dentist or registered psychiatric nurse;
  • everyone who will be a director of your professional corporation is currently licensed in Yukon in the profession you practice;
  • everyone who will hold voting shares with your professional corporation is currently licensed in Yukon in the profession you practice; and
  • your professional corporation is in compliance with:
    • the Yukon’s Business Corporations Act; or
    • the equivalent legislation in your home jurisdiction.

Additional documents

You must also provide us the following when you renew online:

  • a certificate of compliance from Corporate Affairs; or
  • the equivalent law in your home jurisdiction.


The portal gives more information on how to submit this.

Fees and payment

Dental corporations

Annual permit fee: $50

Pharmacist corporations

Annual permit fee: $100

Physiotherapist corporations

Annual permit fee: $100

Psychiatric nursing corporations

Annual permit fee: $100

If we approve your application, we'll email you an invoice for your annual permit fee. Once you receive this invoice, you can pay through the portal.

Go to the online portal

1. Login.

2. Apply to renew your permit.

  • Click on “Professional corporation”.
  • Here you’ll find the step by step process to renew your permit.
  • Upload all the necessary documents and information we ask you for.

3. Complete the application form.

4. Submit the form.