Learn about dental services in the Yukon

The Yukon offers a variety of dental programs for children, adults, and seniors. They include:

  • regular check-ups;
  • preventive treatments; and
  • other dental care necessary for maintaining oral health.

Dental health services for children

We provide dental services to Yukon children through the Yukon Children’s Dental Program. These services are available to all children from newborn up to Grade 12, depending on where you live.

Students from kindergarten to Grade 7 can get dental services through the Yukon Children's Dental Program. This is available at elementary schools in Whitehorse. It is also available in rural communities with a resident dentist.

Students from kindergarten up to Grade 12 can receive dental services from the Yukon Children's Dental Program at elementary schools in rural communities without a resident dentist.

The Preschool Dental Program is for kids aged 1 to 5 and is free. Parents should make an appointment for their child's first check-up when they turn 1. If you're worried about your child's teeth before then, you can still set up a visit.

Find more information on dental health services for children in the Yukon.

Dental health services for seniors

Seniors in the Yukon can sign up for extended health care benefits and Pharmacare. These help cover some costs of dental care like:

  • denture costs;
  • cleanings; and
  • dental exams.

Find information on applying for extended health care benefits and pharmacare for seniors.

Yukon Dental Program

The Yukon Dental Program is a publicly funded dental plan for Yukoners who do not have dental insurance.

To enroll in this program:

  • you must be enrolled in the Yukon Health Care Insurance Plan;
  • your total income must be $60,000 or less for individuals and $90,000 or less for individuals with two children. The threshold increases progressively with family size; and
  • you must not be eligible for dental coverage under any other program, plan or insurance group.

Seniors with extended health benefits who meet the above criteria are also eligible for the Yukon Dental Program.

Children’s eligibility for the Yukon Dental Program is based on the eligibility of their parents or guardians. Children who are eligible for the Yukon Children’s Dental Program will not be eligible for the Yukon Dental Program.

Find information on applying for the Yukon Dental Program.

Canadian Dental Care Plan

The Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) will help ease financial barriers to accessing oral health care for eligible Canadian residents.

Applications will open in phases starting with seniors. Find out when you can apply.

If you have public dental care, you can still qualify for the Canadian Dental Care Plan. You can coordinate benefits with the Yukon Dental Plan and Pharmacare.

Find up to date information on the Canadian Dental Care Program.

Other federal social dental programs

The following programs will be billed first before the Canadian Dental Care Plan:

  • Non-Insured Health Benefits Program
  • Veterans Affairs Canada Dental Services Program
  • Interim Federal Health Program
  • Correctional Services Canada Dental Care for Inmates

The programs' coverage and fees are like the Canadian Dental Care Plan. So, there would be no coordination. If these plans do not cover a service covered by the Canadian Dental Care Plan, you can submit it to the Canadian Dental Care Plan for coordination.

Private dental coverage

Individuals with coverage other than federal, provincial or territorial social dental programs are ineligible for the Canadian Dental Care Plan.

There will be no coordination with private, employer or other such plans.

Check to see if you qualify for the Canadian Dental Care Plan.

If you have questions about the Canadian Dental Care Plan benefits, contact them at 1-833-537-4342 (TTY: 1-833-677-6262).