Cannot care for yourself: get temporary financial protection

Under the Care Consent Act, you can get temporary financial protection if you're:

  • incapable of making a care decision; and
  • not able to manage your financial affairs.

For example, you may be in a car accident, suffer a head injury and suddenly be unable to pay your bills. Your bank may not allow other people to access your bank account. In this situation, a certificate can be issued and sent to the Public Guardian and Trustee. They can then look after your finances for up to 60 days.

Information for health care providers

You can refer to the practice guidelines for determining incapability to consent to:

How to declare a person cannot make financial decisions?

Your health care provider must fill out this form to declare that you cannot make reasonable financial decisions. This will help provide financial protection for you.

  1. Download and complete this form.
  2. Submit copies of the completed form to the:
    • Public Guardian and Trustee; and
    • person receiving care.

Cancel a certificate of need for financial protection

  1. Download this form.
  2. Have your health care provider complete the form.
  3. Your health care provide provides a copy of the form to:
    • you; and
    • the Public Guardian and Trustee.

If you have questions, phone 867-456-3946, toll-free in Yukon 1-800-661-0408, extension 3946.