Apply to put up a sign in a highway right-of-way

You must get approval before you install a private sign in a Yukon highway right-of-way. If you install a sign without our approval, it will be removed.


  • Your sign must align with highway safety guidelines and the Visitor Information Sign Regulation.
  • Your business must provide visitor services, facilities or attractions located in Yukon.

Apply for a sign permit

  1. Complete the application. Indicate which type of sign display you are applying for. There is a $25 application fee for billboards or frontage signs (single or double sided).
  2. Contact your local road foreperson and arrange for a joint site visit to discuss appropriate locations for the sign.
  3. Email your completed application to
  4. We will process your application within 10 working days.
  5. We will notify you if your application has been approved. We will send you a copy of your application, the permit and the permit conditions.

You are responsible for complying with all the conditions of the permit.

Site visit

You need to provide your local road foreperson with the following at your site visit.

  • Completed and signed sign permit application form;
  • Specifications for the proposed sign. Identify the type, size, content and design of the sign and describe the type of structural supports the sign will need;
  • Copy of a valid business license or proof of registration under the Societies Act or other similar document; and
  • a non-refundable application fee of $25.

If your application is not successful

Email and ask them why your application was not accepted. You can then adjust your application accordingly.