Group your quartz claims

Grouping your quartz claims allows you to work in 1 area without having to perform representation work on each claim separately. Work done on any claim in the group can be applied to all claims in the grouping for the purposes of renewing.

You can:

  • include up to 750 adjoining claims; and
  • group claims once per year.

Grouping claims does not change the amount of assessment work required.

Groupings must be recorded with the Mining Recorder’s Office before you file your work. Otherwise, the work will only apply to the claim on which it was performed.

Read the quartz grouping guidelines for more information.

Apply to group your quartz claims

  1. Complete the application form.
  2. All owners of the claims, or their agents, need to sign the application form.
  3. Include:
    • a map of the claims at a scale large enough that each claim can be identified;
    • a fee of $0.50 per claim.
  4. Submit your application to the district Mining Recorder's Office.
  5. The grouping is approved once your completed application is filed.