Get a licence for your family day home

  • Benefits of being licensed
  • Family day homes and the law
  • How to get a licence for your family day home
  • What to consider when caring for children in your family day home

Licensed family day homes in Yukon are regulated by the Child Care Act and the Child Care Act Regulation.

  1. Benefits of being licensed

    The benefits to being licensed as a family day home are:

    • parents who use your service may qualify for the child care subsidy program to help meet the costs of child care;
    • your name will be on a list of licensed child care providers given to parents seeking child care;
    • there's funding to help day homes meet the health-and-safety needs, assist in purchasing toys and equipment, and meet ongoing operation-and-maintenance costs; and
    • access to information about government programming; and
    • being kept informed about any other child care related issues.

  2. Family day homes and the law

    Under the Child Care Act you need to get a licence for your day home if on a regular basis you:

    • care for 4 or more children in your home; and
    • are paid for doing so.

    If you care for 3 or fewer children, you can get a licence, but you do not have to.

    According to the Child Care Act, if you run a licensed family day home, you may care for up to:

    • 4 children, if they're all infants under 18 months of age; or
    • 6 preschool children, with no more than 3 infants; or
    • 8 preschool children, where none are infants.

    You can include your own preschool children in calculating the number of children that you care for.

    If you have another person working with you in your day home, you can have:

    • up to 4 school-aged children; plus
    • the number of preschool children permitted by law.

  3. How to get a licence for your family day home

    A licence is issued for 1 year. To get a licensing package, email [email protected], or phone: 867-667-3492.

    To complete a licensing package, you will need:

    • 3 references;
    • health, fire, and safety inspections of your home;
    • an RCMP criminal-record check; and
    • a medical exam.

    How can we help you?

    A child-care inspector can:

    • help you set up your family day home;
    • advise you on making policies on discipline, hygiene and emergency procedures;
    • provide you with resource materials; and
    • help with programming ideas.

    What happens after I have a licence for my family day home?

    A child-care inspector will visit your home from time to time to:

    • make sure you meet standards in the Child Care Act and regulation;
    • provide you with support;
    • answer your questions; and
    • provide guidance.

    What happens if my application for a licence is denied?

    You can appeal the decision. The Yukon Child Care Board will review your appeal. The board is made up of people nominated by:

    • Yukon First Nations;
    • child care groups;
    • licensed child-care services; and
    • parents.

    The board represents the racial, regional and gender balance in Yukon.

    How to appeal a decision?

    1. Complete a Notice of Appeal form.
    2. Submit the appeal form.
      In person: 1000 Lewes Blvd, Whitehorse. Our office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.
      Email: [email protected]
      Yukon Child Care Board Chair 
      PO Box 3117
      Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 5P7

  4. What to consider when caring for children in your family day home

    Your home

    • Is your home safe and clean?
    • Are there enough toys for all children?
    • Are the toys in good repair and readily accessible?
    • Are the toys suitable for the ages of the children being cared for?
    • Is there a quiet area where a child can play alone?
    • Is there an open space where children can play together?
    • Is there an accessible and safe outdoor play area?
    • Are the children safe and protected, but given room to explore?

    Daily routines

    There should be set times for:

    • eating and resting;
    • outdoor and indoor play; and
    • quiet and active time.

    Is there a set of rules that's consistent and reasonable?


    You need to provide a variety of play opportunities for the children you are caring for in your home.

    Here are some suggestions of things you may want to include:

    • table toys, such as puzzles and games;
    • musical movement, such as records, tapes, songs;
    • large and small blocks;
    • toy people, trucks and animals;
    • dress-up clothes for imaginative play;
    • props such as dishes, dolls, mirrors;
    • paper, paint, crayons, scissors, or Play-doh for arts and crafts;
    • activities that explore science and nature such as planting seeds, cooking, outdoor exploring;
    • books and stories; and
    • vigorous activities like climbing, swinging and running.

    If you run a licensed family day home, you can apply to the Direct Operating Grant to help you purchase some of the above items.


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