Learn how to export a fossil

Fossil export process

You need a permit to export raw, uncarved or unaltered fossil tusks or ivory fossils from Canada. This applies to exports for both scientific and commercial purposes, under the Cultural Property Export and Import Act.

You can get this permit from Canada Border Services Agency. An expert examiner must assess the fossil ivory before permits can be issued. The Yukon palaeontologist, who works in the Yukon Palaeontology Program, acts as the expert examiner for Yukon.

You cannot export fossil that is significant:

  • culturally;
  • scientifically; and/or
  • nationally.

Apply to export a fossil

The Government of Canada manages permits to export fossils.

How to apply

  • Contact the Yukon Palaeontology Program to declare your intention to export and arrange for an inspection of the fossils.
    Email: grant.zazula@gov.yk.ca or heritage.resources@gov.yk.ca
    Phone: 867-667-8089 or toll free 1-800-661-0408 ext. 8089.
    Cellphone: 867-332-8980
  • Complete an application for an export permit from Canada Border Services Agency.
    In person or mail:
    Canada Border Services Agency
    Suite 110, 300 Main St.,
    Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A 2B5

If you have questions, phone: 867-667-3944.