Changes to class 1 notification

As of April 1, 2020, you are required to complete a class 1 notification for activities across Yukon.

Submit a Class 1 exploration notice

You are required to submit a class 1 notice to carry out:

  • Class 1 quartz exploration work; or
  • Class 1 placer exploration work; or
  • placer prospecting lease work.

A notice is required if your planned work is not covered under another mining land use approval and is located in a notification area.

If you are unsure if your planned work is in a notification area, use the Mining Map Viewer to see area boundaries.

Submitting a notification for someone else

If your notice is for claims owned by someone else, you will need to submit a claim holder authorization form with your notice.

If an agent is helping with your notice, they will need to submit a record of agent authorization form with the notice.

You can submit these forms as attachments in our online system.

Submit online

Quartz and placer exploration notices can be submitted online. Submiiting your notification online is the best way to ensure your program complies with thresholds.

You can't submit placer prospecting lease work notices online.

Submit a class 1 exploration notice

Other ways to submit

Fill out the application form

Submit your form to the Mining Recorder's office

You can submit your form to any Mining Recorder's office. You may have to wait longer for your program to be approved if you submit a paper application. 

What happens next?

We will review your notice and consult with all affected First Nations on your proposed program. You will receive a response once this is complete. This process usually happens within 25 days.