How to file online as a society

  1. How to file online as a society
  2. Request a private filing key
  3. File online

  1. How to file online as a society

    Societies operating under the new Societies Act can do their filings online using the Yukon Corporate Online Registry (YCOR). There are lots of advantages to filing on YCOR: 

    • Your filings get processed instantly. 
    • The fees are cheaper. 
    • There’s less room for error.
    • It takes less time to fill out the forms. 

    These tips will help get your society ready to file online. 

    Create a YCOR account 

    The first step is to create a YCOR account. Anyone can create a YCOR account to view the registry. If you want to be able to submit your society’s filings using YCOR, you'll need to provide: 

    • your given (first) and family (last) name; 
    • an email address; 
    • a credit card number; and
    • a pre-authorized amount to be charged to your credit card. 

    Create your YCOR account.

    See a step-by-step document with visuals. 

    After you create your account

    Once you've created an account, YCOR will send a confirmation email to the email address you provided. You need to open this email and click “Activate My Account” to start using YCOR. 

    Who should get a YCOR account? 

    Your board can decide who should have a YCOR account and make filings for your society. Accounts are not meant to be shared, so it’s best for an individual to set up an account to do filings for a society.

    It’s helpful to designate 1 person to have a filing key for your society. You could choose:  

    • the president; 
    • the secretary; 
    • the executive director; or 
    • the front-desk or administrative staff. 

    If you want more than 1 person to be able to make filings for your society, you'll need to set up separate YCOR accounts for each person. Keep in mind that you can only use an email address for 1 account at a time. You can choose a different email address that YCOR will send receipts to. 

    What if I'm a board member for more than 1 society? 

    If you need to submit filings for multiple societies, you only need 1 YCOR account but you'll need a different private filing key for each society. It’s helpful to use a personal email address to create your account if this is your situation. 

    Why does YCOR ask for credit card information? 

    You need to add credit card information to your account. We need this so you can file and pay for your forms online. It costs money to do your filings, just like it does when you file using paper forms. It’s cheaper to file online using YCOR. 

     You can choose to provide: 

    • your society’s credit card, if your society has one; or 
    • your own credit card. 

    If you choose your own credit card, you need to make sure your society will reimburse you. We'll email a receipt to you. If you want your society to get a copy of the receipt, you you can provide your society’s email address in the “receipt email address” field when you register. 

  2. Request a private filing key

    If you want to make a filing for a society using YCOR, you need to have a private filing key. If you do not have one yet, you can request one. 

    Request a private filing key

    • Log in to YCOR.
    • Make sure you have a credit card attached to your account. You can check by clicking “My account”. 
    • Search for your society using its name or registry number.
    • Click on your society.
    • You'll see a box called “Filings.” Click “Submit”.  
    • Click on the link to request a private filing key. 

    We'll send your private filing key in the mail to your society’s registered office address. It will be a confidential letter addressed to the person who made the request. 

    The society will also get a letter notifying them that a person has made the request for a private filing key for that society. 

    If there’s been a mistake, contact Corporate Affairs for help. Phone 867-667-5314 or email

    Can I share my private filing key with other people in the society? 

    No. Private filing keys are assigned to individuals. If you want more than 1 person to be able to make filings on behalf of the society, they need to request their own private filing key. 

    What happens if someone with a private filing key leaves my society? 

    You must contact Corporate Affairs to cancel private filing keys. If people who have private filing keys for your society leave your board, you must contact Corporate Affairs to cancel their keys.  

    Tips for keeping track of private filing keys for your society

    • Delegate the responsibility for filing to 1 person (for example, the president, the secretary or the executive director).
    • Have a policy in place for outgoing directors that includes cancelling any private filing keys.
    • When your society gets mailed a notification that someone has requested a private filing key for the society, keep it in your files. 

    What if I lose my private filing key? 

    If you lose a private filing key, contact us and we'll cancel it for you.  Phone Corporate Affairs at 867-667-5314 or email


  3. File online

    Once you have created a YCOR account and received your private filing key, you're ready to file online. 

    • Log in to YCOR.
    • Search for your society using your society’s name or registry number.
    • Click on your society.
    • Under “filings” click “submit”.
    • Click on the form you need to submit. 

    The forms that are available for you to file using YCOR will depend on whether: 

    • you're a society that has incorporated after April 1, 2021; 
    • you've submitted your transition application; or 
    • you have completed your transitional reporting period. 

    Find out more about your transitional fiscal year.  


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