Find forms to start and manage a society

Below are several forms to start a new society or to help you manage a pre-existing society.

Your ability to fill out and file these forms will depend on whether you are a new society or whether you have completed your society's transition to the new Act, if you incorporated before April 1, 2021.

If in doubt, please contact the societies advisor for help by emailing or by calling 332-7950. 

You can fill out a name reservation form and  incorporate a society online using YCOR. The name must be approved before you submit the application to incorporate. 

File online using YCOR

Below are forms you can download and submit on paper, if you choose. 

Bylaws must accompany the application for incorporation. Find sample bylaws for the new Societies Act.

For more information about bylaws, email or call 332-7950.


You need to use the forms from the old Societies Act to file an annual report if:

  • your society incorporated before April 1, 2021 and has not yet completed its transitional fiscal year; and / or
  • your society is behind on filing annual reports that should have been filed using the old Act. 

If you aren't sure how to file your annual report, contact the societies advisor for help by emailing or calling 332-7950. 

Forms for filing an annual report

You also need to attach financial statements that have been signed by two directors. These financial statements must be reviewed by an accountant if required.

Find out whether you need an accountant to review your finances. 

Use these forms if

  • your society incorporated after April 1, 2021;
  • you do not want to file your forms online using YCOR and prefer to file using paper (fees are higher for paper forms);
  • you have revived and transitioned a dissolved society; and / or
  • your society has completed their transitional fiscal year. 

If you do not meet these criteria, you may not be able to file the forms below, and may need to use the old forms for certain tasks.

Contact or call 332-7950 for help. 

Paper vs online filing

If you download one of these forms, fill it out and submit it to Corporate Affairs, this is considered a paper filing. Paper filing takes longer and the fees are higher.

We recommend that you get a YCOR account and request a private filing key to be able to make these filings online. 

Find out how to get a YCOR account and a private filing key.

Download a paper form

Sometimes, societies are required to submit additional documents with their forms. Below are some templates that societies might find helpful for different filings.

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