File an annual report for a society

You're required to fill out and file an annual report within 30 days of your annual general meeting (AGM). You can see this rule in Section 78 of the new Societies Act.

Not having filed an annual report is the most common reason why a society might be in default.   

Because we have a new Societies Act we currently have 2 sets of forms you must choose from to file your annual report:

  • old forms for societies that are still transitioning from the old Act to the new Act; and
  • new forms for societies that have finished their transition to the new Act or for new societies that incorporated after April 1, 2021.

Should you use old forms or new forms?

It depends:

  • if you're a new society;
  • if your society existed before April 2021; and
  • if you've completed your transitional reporting period.

Find out more about the transitional fiscal year timing

When to use old forms 

File using old forms if your society incorporated before April 1, 2021, and either:

  • has not filed the transition application form yet; or 
  • has filed the transition application form but has not completed its transitional reporting period yet.

Old forms: 

When to attach financial statements reviewed by a chartered professional accountant 

You must get your financial statements reviewed by a chartered professional accountant and attach them to your annual report if: 

  • you're a Category A society and have not submitted an exemption request to the registrar (old Societies Regulations, section 9(3));
  • you're a Category A society that has received an exemption request from the registrar for the past 4 consecutive fiscal years; or
  • you're a Category B society and have not waived the need for financial review by special resolution at an annual or special general meeting held during the 12 months preceding the AGM (old Societies Regulations, section 9(4)).

If you are filing under the new Act, you do not need to attach financial statements to your annual report. You may still need to get them reviewed by a chartered professional accountant.


How to file 

File these forms by submitting paper forms to us and submitting payment through our office. You can also email your forms and provide payment over the phone.  

File your annual report under the new Societies Act 

You can use the new forms and file your annual report online if:  

  • you represent a society that incorporated after April 1, 2021; or 
  • your society has completed its transitional reporting period. 

If your directors change

You do not need to also file a change of directors form if your directors changed at your annual general meeting.  

How to file under the new Societies Act 

We recommend filing your annual report form online using the Yukon Corporate Online Registry (YCOR). This will make the fees lower and we'll be able to process your files faster. 

File your annual report online

Find out how to get a YCOR account and a personal filing key

You can also fill out these forms and submit copies in person, by mail or email to us at Corporate Affairs. Doing so will result in higher fees and it will take longer for your filing to go through.   

Form for paper filing: