Apply to remove material from a public pit

You can apply for a permit to remove material, such as gravel, from a designated public pit. Permits are free and allow you to take up to 35 cubic metres of material for personal use only.

Apply for a permit

  1. Contact your local Compliance Monitoring and Inspections office to find out where active pits are.
  2. Complete the application form.
  3. Submit your form in person to the Compliance Monitoring and Inspection office.
  4. If approved, we'll issue you a permit at the time of application.

Updates on public pits

Marsh Lake public pit

The public gravel pit at the Marsh Lake Transfer Station is open. The pit was developed last year to its maximum limits. Once the granular material located on the floor of the pit is gone, we'll close and decommission the pit.

Deep Creek public pit

The Deep Creek public pit at kilometre 223, North Klondike Highway, has been permanently closed. It is now under a quarry lease to Arctic Backhoe Services Ltd. The pit went through a public lottery process in August 2020. You can phone Arctic Backhoe at 867-633-5951 if you're looking for granular material from this pit.

Other pits

We 've closed the pit located at kilometre 50, Tagish Road, due to health and safety concerns.

We've permanently closed the following public pits because they've been depleted:

  • kilometre 1484.1, Alaska Highway, near Stony Creek;
  • kilometre 2.7, McLean Lake Road; and
  • kilometre 150, South Klondike Highway, near Kookatsoon Lake.