Find oil and gas maps and data

Interactive map

You can find oil and gas information on GeoYukon, our interactive map. The oil and gas layer collection includes:

  • wells;
  • seismic lines;
  • sedimentary basins; and
  • oil and gas rights.

You can view this information along with other layers, such as:

  • administrative boundaries;
  • geological and wildlife data; and
  • land and mineral tenure.

View oil and gas layers on GeoYukon

Geoscience data

The Yukon Geological Survey collects and distributes:

  • geoscience data; and
  • related technical information.

Our staff have written reports and completed energy projects.

Search for geology publications and data

Static maps

We have the following static PDF maps:

Spatial data

You can download oil and gas spatial data from GeoYukon, our interactive map.

View oil and gas layers on GeoYukon

You can also download spatial data directly.

Non-spatial data

We also have non-spatial data, such as

  • scanned images;
  • logs; and
  • reports.

You can also download well documents from this site.

Spreadsheet data

We provide data in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format for: