How to hold a 3-day casino

You'll find here key conditions everyone must follow when holding a 3-day casino event in Yukon.

You should familiarize yourself with these before you apply for a 3-day casino licence. This will help you understand the legal requirements that come with holding this kind of gaming event.

If we approve your application, we will also send you a complete list of terms and conditions as part of your licence. 

You should also refer to the Lottery Licensing Act Regulations.

Get a licence

  • Ensure you have a licence before you hold a casino event.
  • You're responsible for holding your casino event in accordance with the:
  • You must display your casino event licence and the terms and conditions in a prominent place at the casino venue.
  • You must provide a copy of your licence and the terms and conditions to anyone who asks to see these.
  • You're responsible for holding your casino event regardless of any arrangements you may make with volunteers or others to help or run the games.
  • You must not pay any person to help or run your games.

Changes to your licence

  • Your board of directors must approve any requests for changes to your licence (for example, adding a game, or changing the house rules).
  • You must submit change requests in writing to the registrar’s office at least 2 weeks before your event.


  • All ads must state your licence number.
  • You may not advertise your casino event outside of Yukon.

Who can play?

  • Anyone who is physically present in Yukon may play games.
  • Entry to the casino must be free of charge.
  • Persons under 19 may not enter.

Anyone helping with the event may not play, or have anyone play on their behalf. Once they're no longer helping, they may play any game other than a game they've just finished helping with.

Game details

  • Players may not enter the pit area.
  • You must set up a bank where players can buy or cash-in tokens or chips.
  • Players must use cash to purchase chips or tokens for use in play.
  • Betting limits cannot exceed those stated in the licence.
  • Payment by cheque, cashing cheques, and extending credit, are all prohibited.
  • A game bank must be maintained in a separate room that only cashiers and the event manager are allowed to enter.

Chips or tokens

  • The banker must supply each game operator with enough tokens or chips to operate the game.
  • When operators receive or cash in chips or tokens, they must sign a receipt.
  • At the end of each game, the operator must account for all chips or tokens at the table or game and must return them to the bank.
  • Records must be kept of all tokens or chips:
    • supplied to game operators;
    • returned by game operators; and
    • cashed in by players.

Financial reporting

If gross sales are $9,999 or less

  • You do not need to submit supporting documents with your financial report.
  • However, you must keep these on file for 1 year after your licence expires, in case we ask to see them.

If gross sales are over $10,000

With your financial report, you must submit:

  • ticket distribution and sale records accounting for all tickets printed;
  • invoices verifying all expenses and all proceeds spend (cancelled cheques are not acceptable documentation);
  • a copy of an official bank statement showing your organization’s:
    • name;
    • account number;
    • the effective date; and
    • a balance of at least the amount of any proceeds not yet spent.

Who can prepare your financial report?

  • You can either prepare your own financial report or hire a professional accountant to compile your report.
  • If you hire an accountant, the cost of their services is an allowable expense.

When can you get another licence?

After we receive satisfactory financial reports, you can apply for another licence.

Use of proceeds

  • Once you've paid all prizes and allowable expenses for running your casino, the money that remains constitutes your gaming proceeds.
  • On your application, you'll state particular uses of proceeds. To be approved, these must:
    • support your organization’s charitable work; and
    • comply with applicable case law and our policy.
  • The registrar must approve using proceeds for travel before the travel takes place. If you wish to use some proceeds toward travel, submit the charitable gaming request for travel form with your application.
  • If you wish to change the way in which you use proceeds, you must request the change in writing from us before spending your proceeds.
  • Any requested change must meet the criteria set out above in order to be approved.

What if you do not spend your proceeds all at once?

You must submit a report every 6 months. It must show either the:

  • balance of unspent proceeds in your bank account; or
  • provide receipts to prove proceeds were spent for approved uses.



For questions about holding  a 3-day casino event, email [email protected] or phone 867-667-5111, toll free in Yukon 1-800-661-0408, extension 5111.