Renew your placer claim

Your placer claim expires 1 year after the date we record it. To keep your claim in good standing, so it can be renewed for another year, you must do $200 worth of work on the claim. This work is called representation work.

The work you do must be directly related to

  • mineral exploration;
  • mine development; or
  • the recovery of placer gold or other precious minerals or stones.

Your work will not count if it's for:

  • commercial purposes other than placer mining; or
  • the residential occupation of a claim.

Calculating the value of your representation work

Many types of work qualify as representation work. The placer schedule of representation work provides a complete list. It also assigns a dollar value to the work so you can calculate the amount of representation work you've completed.

If you do more than $200 of representation work

If you do more than $200 worth of representation work, you can use the remaining work in future years. The remaining amount is known as excess credit. The maximum excess credit is $800 per claim per year.

For future renewals, excess credit can be applied to a claim in $200 increments. Once an excess credit is assigned to a specific claim, you cannot assign it to any other claim.


You must apply the work to your placer claims in the year it was completed.

It's recommended that you file your representation work before the anniversary date of your claim. However, you may still file your work up to 2 weeks after the anniversary date.

If you previously filed a renewal that gave all the claims the same anniversary date, you must file before the new anniversary date.

You can contact the Mining Recorder’s Office to confirm your claim's anniversary.

Record your representation work

If no work was performed on your claims

  1. Complete the Application for renewal of grant for placer mining (using excess work credits only).
  2. Submit your signed form to the district Mining Recorder's Office.
  3. Include the fee of $10 per claim per year.

If work was performed on your claims

  1. Complete the Application for renewal of grant for placer mining.
  2. Include documentation on the type of work done. This must include:
    • a description of the work;
    • a map showing the work locations;
    • the type of equipment used;
    • the start and end dates of work; and
    • who operated the equipment or performed the work.
  3. Include the fee of $10 per claim per year.
  4. Submit your signed and notarized application to the district Mining Recorder’s Office. Our staff at in the offices are notaries.
  5. If you did work that requires you to submit a placer assessment report, you must submit it within 6 months.