Relief from work requirements

Due to travel restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, claim owners do not have to do work on their claims or prospecting leases in 2020 to stay in good standing. Find information about COVID-19.

Renew your placer prospecting lease

Placer prospecting leases are issued for 1 year. You can only renew your lease twice.

Notice of relief

Due to travel restrictions and economic impacts related to the COVID-19 pandemic, miners do not have to do work on their claims or prospecting leases in 2020. You will not have to:

  • do annual representation work on quartz claims;
  • do annual representation work on placer claims;
  • do annual representation work on prospecting leases in their 1st or 2nd years; or
  • make a payment-in-lieu of work on quartz claims.

Relief applies to claims and prospecting leases that expire between April 23, 2020, and April 22, 2021. We’ll automatically extend the claims and prospecting leases expiring within this period. 

If you’ve already applied for relief and your claims expired prior to April 23, 2020, the Mineral Resources Branch will contact you.

If you choose to perform work, all notification and permitting requirements still apply. The relief order will not extend the expiry date of your notification or approval. You can continue to file work that has been completed on your claim or prospecting lease.

For more information, contact a district Mining recorder’s office.

Notice to prospecting leaseholders

If you plan to complete work or stake a lease to claims, you must meet all the standard requirements of a lease.

  • You must perform $1,000 of work per mile ($625 per kilometre), as proposed in your work program and Class 1 notification. You must do this work before you can stake it to claims.
  • You must file your work with us and stake the lease to claims before the anniversary date of your lease. This is not the same as the expiry date.
  • After your lease’s anniversary date has passed for this year, you must file a new work program with us. We must approve your program before you begin working.

The maximum term of a lease is 3 years. This means you must stake your lease to claims within 3 years. You cannot apply relief to the lease in the 3rd year.

If you have any questions, contact your district Mining recorder’s office.


Your placer prospecting lease can be renewed if you've completed at least $1,000 worth of work per lease mile. This work must follow your approved work program. Rates from the Placer Schedule of Representation Work do not apply to leases. Discuss your work with the district Mining Recorder's Office to ensure it meets the requirement.

Calculating your expenditures

When calculating your expenditures, you can include hourly costs of labour and equipment operation for prospecting or testing work. Get the standard industry rates from the district Mining Recorder's Office.

We do not credit costs for:

  • mobilization;
  • demobilization;
  • camps;
  • support workers;
  • administration; or
  • hand panning.

All expenditures must be made within Yukon. We might ask for evidence of the costs, including receipts.

Find more details on calculating your expenditures in our prospecting lease guide.


You must file your work with the district Mining Recorder's Office on or before the lease's expiry date. There is no grace period after the lease expires.

Apply to renew your lease

  1. Complete the application form.
  2. Include:
    • a description of the testing work you completed;
    • the rates you used to calculate the expenditures;
    • detailed drill logs noting the materials encountered;
    • GPS locations of all drill holes if you drilled;
    • a sketch or map of the work location(s); and
    • a new work program proposal with a sketch or map of new work locations.
  3. If you did work that requires you to submit a report, you must submit it with your application.
  4. Swear your application in front of a notary. Our staff at mining recorder’s offices are notaries.
  5. Submit your application to the district Mining Recorder's Office.