Renew your quartz claim

Your quartz claim expires 1 year after the date we record it. To keep your claim in good standing, so it can be renewed for another year, you must do $100 worth of work on the claim. This is called representation work.

Calculating the value of your representation work

Many types of work qualify as representation work. The quartz schedule of representation work provides a complete list. It also assigns a dollar value to the work, so you can calculate the amount of representation work you've completed.

Some activities listed in the schedule require prior approval from us to be used as representation work. Contact the district Mining Recorder's Office if you need approval.

If you do more than $100 of representation work

If you do more than $100 worth of representation work, you can use the remaining value in future years.

If the claim will expire this year, you can renew up to 5 years if you have done enough work.

If the claim will not expire this year, you can renew up to 4 years if you have done enough work.


You must apply the work to your quartz claims in the year the work was completed.

You must file your representation work before the anniversary of the date we recorded your claim. If you previously filed a renewal that gave all the claims the same anniversary date, you must file before the new anniversary date.

If you have applied work from previous years to your claim, it may not expire for several years. In this case, you must file your representation work before the expiry date.

You can contact the Mining Recorder’s Office to confirm your claim's anniversary or expiry date.

Filing grace period and expired claims

We give you a 2-week grace period for filing your representation work. Your claim will not expire if you submit your application within 14 days of the claim's anniversary date or expiry date.

If you allow your claim to expire, you can still apply to renew it if you:

  • apply within 6 months;
  • have done enough work to keep it in good standing;
  • pay a late fee; and
  • if there's a new claim holder, pay them for expenses they had:
    • getting the claim; and
    • working the claim.

You can only renew expired claims for 1 year. You cannot apply any representational work to future years.

We will not accept your application if you file your representation work after 6 months of the anniversary or expiry date.

File your representation work

  1. Complete the application form.
  2. Include documentation of the type of work done. This can include:
    • a description of the work;
    • a certified statement of expenditures;
    • a map showing the work locations;
    • the type of equipment used;
    • the start and end dates of work; and
    • an assessment report prepared by a qualified professional.
  3. Include the fee of $5 per claim per year.
  4. Include a late fee, if required. The fees are:
    • $15 per claim, if filed within 3 months of the expiry date; or
    • $30 per claim, if filed between 3 and 6 months of the expiry date.
  5. Submit your application to your district Mining Recorder’s Office.
  6. If you did work that requires you to submit a mineral assessment report, you must submit it within 6 months.

Paying in lieu of work

If you have not done representation work on a claim, you can pay a fee of $100 instead. You also have to pay the $5 certificate of work fee on each claim.

You must submit your application and fees before the claim's expiry date. There is no grace period for making a payment in lieu.

  1. Complete the application form.
  2. Include a fee of $105 per claim.
  3. Submit your application to the district Mining Recorder's Office.