Get a permit to commercially harvest morel mushrooms

You need to apply for a free permit to harvest morel mushrooms for commercial sale. You do not need a permit to harvest morels for personal use.  

You must have your permit on you in either digital or paper form when you are harvesting morel mushrooms that you plan to sell. If you do not have your permit on you, you could be fined. 

The permit for the commercial harvest of morel mushrooms is free. 

Get a permit

Apply online 

Time to complete application: 5-10 minutes. 

Apply for a permit

Apply in person 

Apply at your local Compliance, Monitoring and Inspections office

Where you can harvest morel mushrooms 

Morels grow in the spring following a forest fire. Last year’s wildfire maps have been used to create designated morel mushroom harvest areas. You can only harvest mushrooms in the areas shown on the following interactive map. 

View an interactive map of designated harvest areas

You must have permission to harvest on, or travel through, First Nations Settlement Land or private property.

Eating wild mushrooms 

Eating wild mushrooms can be dangerous and can result in severe illness or death. Do not eat any wild mushroom you are not able to reliably identify. Be sure you're familiar with how to handle, prepare and consume wild mushrooms. 

Identifying wild mushrooms 

If you are unfamiliar with mushroom identification you should consult multiple up to date mushroom guides – and – pick with a more experienced mushroom picker. 

Morel safety 

You should cook morels for at least 5 minutes and never eat them raw, especially within 72 hours of drinking alcohol. 


If you have questions about getting a permit for the commercial harvest of morel mushrooms, contact the Forest Management Branch. Phone 867-456-3999 or email