Submit your Class 2 notification

Class 2 represents the upper level of grassroots exploration. Class 2 applies when:

  • it's expected your program will have moderate potential to cause adverse environmental effects; and
  • you're able to complete the exploration and reclamation work within 1 year.

Review the placer activity thresholds or quartz activity thresholds to determine if your program is Class 2.

The environmental and socio-economic review, consultation and regulatory processes can take time. We recommend that operators consider applying for a Class 3 permit.

Having an agent submit a notification on your behalf

If an agent is helping with your notice, they will need to submit a record of agent authorization form with the notice. The notice will not be issued in the agent's name.

Your agent can submit this form as an attachment in our online system.

Submitting a notification on someone else’s claims

If your notice is for claims owned by someone else, you will need to submit a claim holder authorization form with your notice. If there are multiple claim holders, a form will be required for each owner.

You can submit these forms as attachments in our online system.

Submit your Class 2 notification

  1. Complete the Class 2 notification form for:
  2. Contact your local mining recorder's office to:
    • ensure your program is within threshold limits;
    • ensure your form information is complete; and
    • submit your form.
  3. We recommend you discuss your program with the First Nation in whose Traditional Territory you'll be working.
  4. Contact the Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment designated office to complete the application process.
  5. The Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Board provides us with a recommendation on whether your program should:
    • proceed as is;
    • proceed with terms or conditions; or
    • not proceed.
  6. We make a decision within 30 days of receiving the recommendation. We can extend the timeline by an additional 7 days if it requires consultation with First Nations without a final agreement.

Mineral activities in the Peel River watershed

The 2019 Peel Watershed Regional Land Use Plan guides the management of the region. This includes:

  • environmental protection;
  • social considerations; and
  • economic development.

The cornerstone of the plan is sustainable development.

We will evaluate proposed mineral activities in the Peel Watershed region for conformity to the plan. The plan will also inform assessment and regulatory steps.

Read our brochure to see a summary of the standards for all classes of mineral activities throughout the Peel Watershed region.