Renew your oil and gas permit

An oil and gas permit gives you the right to explore and remove oil and gas for testing in the permitted location. You can get an oil and gas permit through our disposition process.

The initial term of a permit is 6 years. Your permit will renew automatically for another 4 years if:

  • you've remained in compliance with the terms of your permit;
  • you've started or completed drilling at least 1 well during the 1st term; and
  • that well is in the permit location or another location within the same group of permits.

To ensure your permit is renewed, contact the Geothermal and Petroleum Resources Branch to tell us when you'll be drilling your qualifying well. Email [email protected].

We'll send you a letter confirming the renewal. The renewal will begin on:

  • the anniversary date of the initial permit; or
  • the last day of your permit, if we granted you an extension.

The maximum duration of a permit cannot exceed 10 years. If you want to maintain your rights beyond 10 years, you must convert your permit to a lease.