How to hold a raffle

You'll find here key conditions everyone must follow when holding a raffle in Yukon.

You should familiarize yourself with these before you apply for a raffle licence. This will help you understand the legal requirements that come with holding a raffle.

If we approve your application, we'll also send you a complete list of terms and conditions as part of your licence.

You should also refer to the Lottery Licensing Act Regulations.

Get a licence

  • Ensure you have a licence before you hold a raffle.
  • You're responsible for holding your raffle in accordance with the:
  • You must display your raffle licence and the terms and conditions in a prominent place at the venue.
  • You must provide a copy of your licence and the terms and conditions to anyone who asks to see these.

Sale of tickets

  • You must sell tickets at the prices and locations indicated on your licence.
  • Keep careful track of all ticket sales. You can use our sample ticket inventory control worksheet or another system, if you wish.
  • As the licensee, you may not purchase any unsold tickets.
  • You can sell tickets to non-Yukoners who are physically present in Yukon and will be in Yukon for the draw.


  • You must include the licence number on all advertisements for your raffle.
  • You may not advertise your raffle or sell tickets outside of Yukon.

The draw

  • The draw must take place on the date and time and at the location indicated on your licence.
  • You must award all prizes identified on your ticket in the order of their value, beginning with the most valuable prize.

Lost or stolen tickets

  • You must report lost or stolen tickets immediately to the registrar, who will outline any additional steps.
  • If you think tickets have been stolen, you must also report this to the police and provide us with the file number.

Financial reporting

  • Download the final report for raffle form.
  • You must submit a financial report within 30 days.
  • Your financial report must be completed, signed and notarized.
  • If you submit your report to us in person at 307 Black Street in Whitehorse, a notary may be available free of charge.

If gross sales are $9,999 or less

  • You don’t need to submit supporting documents with your financial report.
  • You must keep supporting documents on file for 1 year after your licence expires, in case we ask to see them.

If gross sales are over $10,000

With your financial report, you must submit:

  • ticket distribution and sale records accounting for all tickets printed;
  • invoices verifying all expenses and all proceeds spent (cancelled cheques are not acceptable documentation);
  • a copy of an official bank statement showing your organization’s:
    • name;
    • account number;
    • the effective date; and
    • a balance of at least the amount of any proceeds not yet spent.

Who can prepare your financial report?

  • You can either prepare your own financial report or hire a professional accountant to compile your report.
  • If you hire an accountant, the cost of their services is an allowable expense.

When can you get another licence?

After we receive satisfactory financial reports, you can apply for another licence.

Use of proceeds

Once you've paid all prizes and allowable expenses for running your raffle, the money that remains constitutes your gaming proceeds.

On your application, you'll request specific uses of proceeds. To be approved, these must:

  • support your organization’s charitable work; and
  • comply with applicable case law and our policy.

If you wish to change the way you use proceeds, you must request the change in writing from us before spending your proceeds. Any requested change must meet the criteria above in order to be approved.

What if you don't spend the proceeds all at once?

You must submit a report every 6 months. It must show either:

  • the balance of unspent proceeds in your bank account; or
  • provide receipts to prove proceeds were spent for approved uses.




For questions on how to hold a raffle, email or phone 867-667-5111, toll free in Yukon 1-800-661-0408, extension 5111.