Stake your prospecting lease into claims

You must stake placer claims inside the boundaries of your prospecting lease. Stake along the same location line used to stake the lease. Plant 2 posts in the ground for each claim.

You do not need to stake the entire lease. Any part of the lease you do not stake as placer claims will become available for others to stake. You cannot re-stake the lease area you do not stake to placer claims for 1 year.

Notice to prospecting leaseholders

If you plan to complete work or stake a lease to claims, you must meet all the standard requirements of a lease.

  • You must perform $1,000 of work per mile ($625 per kilometre), as proposed in your work program and Class 1 notification. You must do this work before you can stake it to claims.
  • You must file your work with us and stake the lease to claims before the anniversary date of your lease. This is not the same as the expiry date.
  • After your lease’s anniversary date has passed for this year, you must file a new work program with us. We must approve your program before you begin working.

The maximum term of a lease is 3 years. This means you must stake your lease to claims within 3 years. You cannot apply relief to the lease in the 3rd year.

If you have any questions, contact your district Mining recorder’s office.


You can stake your lease into placer claims if:

  • the lease has not ended before the claims are staked;
  • you've made the expenditures required by your approved work program;
  • the claims are staked by the prospecting lease owner; and
  • all the claims are recorded at the same time.

If the lease is owned by a corporation, a director listed on the corporate registry can stake the placer claims. You can also have another person stake if you have registered a power of attorney with the district Mining Recorder's Office before staking.


You must stake the placer claims by 11:59 p.m. on the expiry date of your lease.

You must have your claims recorded in the district Mining Recorder's Office within the travel time period for placer claims.

Record your placer claims

  1. Once you've performed your work, complete an Affidavit of Expenditure form. It verifies you've met the work requirement.
  2. Submit your form to the district Mining Recorder’s Office.
  3. Stake your claims as you would for placer claims. You must meet many requirements to stake your claims correctly. Before you go out to stake, carefully read our:
  4. Record the claims as you would other placer claims. Do so within the travel time allowed.